Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So my husband seems to think I win an inordinate amount of things. I maintain that this is not true, but like most coincidences he's just remembering instances where I have won something (as opposed to not).  It's not that I don't believe in luck, I just have more faith in statistics and probability.  Also, it's best to be modest if you're constantly winning things.

Anyway, for Mother's Day this year, GeekMom ( had a contest to win a Galaxy Note 2.  All you had to do was post simply leave a comment telling them why you needed your very own Samsung Galaxy Note II. The winner was chosen randomly.  

My comment? 
I need a smartphone I can see without putting my glasses on. :-)
Also, my “good” smartphone is going away in a month when I’m laid-off. :-(
I know, I know, pathetic.  But it is also true.

The TL:DR version of this, is that I won a Galaxy Note II from GeekMom. And I have to tell you I am OVER THE MOON with this phone.  Since I've had it (about a month now) I have all but stopped using the iPhone I use at my current job. This thing is a marvel. The hubby calls it "Jenn's Precious," because it is the "one gadget" to rule them all.

Of course, this did put a bit of a damper on what I was going to get for Mother's Day after all--but then w00t came to the rescue! After a little back/forth I received a Samsung NX100.  Such a marvel! It connects with my phone using the wifi.  I can control the shutter with an app on the Note II.  I've been taking pictures, making movies, downloading from the camera and sending the pics to my friends using SMS... even uploading it to youtube. And not using my computer at all to do it!

Want to see a video I recorded of a middle school band playing Queen songs? Sure you do.

Which is all to say.. if I start making Gollum noises. You know why.

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